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Sep 11

Don’t let a court order you to pay for cyber-bullying and harassment!
Social media has many benefits to offer in any workplace. On the other side of the coin though, social media also exposes an employer to numerous risks. These risks need to be managed through a comprehensive social media strategy or an employer may find itself having to pay for the “social sins“of its employees.

Cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment (which includes sexual harassment) are recognised forms of discrimination in our law. These acts if committed by employees can spell risky business for the employer. Examples of cyber- bullying include:

Sep 07

In the USA, a circuit court judge has just ordered an employer, Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc, to re-instate 5 employees who were dismissed by their employer for discussing conditions of employment on Facebook. The discussions included sarcastic comments and profanity. I have attached the link to the original post for those of you who may be interested.

Would the CCMA have ruled similarly on the issue, had this scenario played itself out in a South African Workplace?[…]

Sep 04

fact, factasy or fantasy?Did you know that the first South African to be dismissed as a result of his activity in the cyberworld, was Llewellyn Kriel.
Kriel was dismissed from his position, as senior revise sub-editor, at the Sowetan in November 2007. He was dismissed for expressing his frustration about the decline in standards of journalism, the lack of on-the-job training and the increasing and impossible workload being imposed on sub-editors given that crucial positions within the publication were not being filled.
Kriel had apparently debated these issues openly in several forays prior to his dismissal.

Sep 02

TweetIn my last post I referred to a few South African employees who had the misfortune of being dismissed as a result of their posts on facebook. In web lingo we would say that these employees were “dooced “rather than dismissed. According to dooce means: v.) To lose ones job (fired) because of something […]

Sep 01

The Sunday Times may well have published a rehashed story about “racist facebook” on its front page last weekend.

For those of you who missed the hype- the story, which is apparently some 4 years old, is centred on a picture of a white male, holding his rifle while smirking over the body of a black child. The picture was apparently found on the facebook profile of one Eugene Terrorblanche.Although the point of interest in […]