Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing

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The role of a chairperson in a disciplinary hearing is critical to ensuring the fairness of a disciplinary hearing and to successfully defending any subsequent action by an employee in the CCMA or any other legal forum. Regrettably many employees are thrown into the role without any tools to help them survive the disciplinary fray. This proposes a serious commercial risk. Chairpersons need to understand the role they play in ensuring the substantive and procedural fairness of any disciplinary hearing. This essentially includes being able to:
  • Write a defensible finding;
  • Justify a decision on sanction
  • Deal with objections and problems during the course of the hearing; and
  • Appreciate the relevance, reliability and lawfulness requirements of evidence.
  • We also demystify “evidence” through an interactive card game which clearly illustrates the legal value/weight of different types of evidence in proving a case.
The above topics are but a few we will cover in this course. Not to mention the latest case law on entrapment, tapping, polygraphing, breathalysing and CCTV .

Take Away Training

Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing Toolkit:
  •     Disciplinary Hearing Record
  •     Steps and Alerts booklet
  •     Recipe for writing a legally defensible finding and sanction
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