Initiating a disciplinary hearing

Appointing untrained initiators is commercial suicide! The initiator acts as the company’s “legal” representative during a disciplinary hearing. It is the Initiators task to convince the chairperson of a hearing that the accused is guilty. This can only be effectively done if the initiator has conducted a thorough investigation of the matter and adequately prepared for the case. Sadly many initiators enter a hearing without any protective gear. They get pushed about, punched and often knocked out by experienced shop stewards or employee representatives who have done their homework. Investigation, preparation and presentation skills are key to an initiators role. Without these skills an initiator is at a distinct disadvantage. Let us show your initiators how to investigate matters, collect evidence on the issues that need to be proved and prepare a killer cross examination and closing argument! Experience has shown us that initiators find adequately preparing for a case far easier if they have a structured step-by-step approach to follow. We provide exactly this. Each step in the preparation phase is supported by a “recipe” for success. No longer will the preparation of cross examination and evidence-in-chief be a hit and miss. In this course we also demystify “evidence” through an interactive card game which clearly illustrates the value of different types of evidence in proving a case.

Take Away Training

Initiating a Disciplinary Hearing Toolkit:
  • Recipe for conducting a thorough investigation
  • Recipe to prepare evidence in chief
  • Recipe to prepare a killer cross examination
  • Recipe to prepare a convincing closing argument
  • Initiator hearing  preparation checklist
  • Disciplinary Hearing Record
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