The Hearing Aid

Vanessa Henry | Henry Attorneys The Hearing Aid is a specialist service dedicated to preparing clients to present a case at a disciplinary and grievance hearings or at the CCMA – we’ll do all the preparation for you! The Hearing Aid also provides experienced chairpersons for disciplinary and grievance hearings.


We will assist you in conducting an investigation of the matter. This may include interviewing potential witnesses, taking witness statements, setting traps and acquiring further necessary evidence. If necessary we can arrange for parts of the investigation to be undertaken by a reputable private investigation company, forensic auditors and Forensic IT specialists.


Once the investigation is completed, we will draft your opening statement, evidence –in–chief, cross-examination and closing argument. We will also undertake any necessary research on the latest case law and best practices. In addition, we will prepare your witnesses to present reliable and credible testimony at the hearing and withstand the pressure of cross-examination by the adversary. In a nutshell, all you need to do is attend.


Where permissible, we will gladly present the case on your behalf. Our philosophy in litigation is – if we cannot win the case, we will not fight the case. We take our reputation extremely personally!

Provision of Chairpersons

We will provide you with experienced chairpersons to chair any level of disciplinary hearing.


We can provide you with checklists for the investigation, preparation and presentation phase of any case. These checklists are tools to assist you in dealing with the various stages of a hearing. A “toolkit” can never be totally comprehensive.  Please bear in mind that winning is 99% preparation and 1% inspiration. We have checklists and comprehensive guidelines for chairpersons. These guidelines not only set out the various stages of the hearing, but guide chairpersons on dealing with potential problems and objections at each stage of the hearing. Download the registration form

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