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South African Labour law training and development


Legal Eez

The most effective real-world legal/human resources training available! Legal Eez is the training division of Henry Attorneys. Offering a unique training experience in the area of ER and HR.  Our training courses and workshops are delivered through a series of pictures, checklists, recipes, games and other visual media. Our training style enables us to impart detailed content on legal issues in an accessible, uncomplicated and practical way. This means that delegates, regardless of literacy level, can partake in leadership training that will unquestionably benefit their organisation and their careers.  The visual content is unforgettable and lends itself to easy recall. All our training courses and workshops will provide “take-away” training material for easy reference back in the workplace. Combine this with the usable skills and Our feedback from clients and individual delegates has consistently been excellent. We have seen the confidence and ability of delegates grow from strength to strength as we have empowered them through our training style. We challenge you to find a provider who provides comparable training and results! Are you up to the challenge? We are. Here’s an example: Stickman Fair Dismissal 2 XL2               What is this you may ask? The answer - the key to a fully comprehensive understanding of  Discipline, Dismissals, Substantive and Procedural fairness under the Labour Relations Act!  When this picture is complete so will your understanding of the key principles in the Labour Relations Act be.

The Hearing Aid

A specialist service dedicated to preparing clients to present a case at a disciplinary and grievance hearings or at the CCMA – we’ll do all the preparation for you! The Hearing Aid also provides experienced chairpersons for disciplinary and grievance hearings. Find out more

Difficult Conversations

Dedicated to coaching managers/supervisors to conduct “difficult conversations” with employees. These typically include performance discussions; incapacity discussions (ill-health, injury) and retrenchment consultations.

Power Hour

The Power Hour (2 hours in length) is ideal for senior employees and executives. It distills critical information on the Labour Relations Act and company’s disciplinary Code to curtail risk. Find out more

Winning a disciplinary hearing time after time

This course is focused on providing candidates with practical skills to effectively, investigate, prepare and present a case in a disciplinary hearing. Find out more

Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing

Chairing disciplinary hearings will give candidates practical tools to effectively chair hearings and make legally defensible decisions. Find out more

Conducting Investigations in the Workplace

Conducting in-depth Investigations will empower candidates to conduct in depth investigations into misconduct and unpack the law on tapping, trapping, searching, whistle blowing and more. Find out more

Managing poor performance

This course provides step by step guidelines for managing performance issues associated with the sick, the lame and the lazy employee. Find out more

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace  provides guidelines on dealing with cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace – (in conjunction with Shrink Rap HR) provides  legal and psychological perspectives on Employee crises. Including  addiction, depression, bipolar and trauma. Find out more

Targeted Recruitment and Selection

The Recruitment and Selection of candidates will equip you with the tools to filter a mass of applications down to  a targeted candidate, within the confines of the law. *NB SETA accreditation Many of our clients and delegates enquire after our accreditation status. There is a misguided opinion that organisations can only claim their skills levies back if they use accredited training providers. This is not entirely correct. Any training towards unit standards and qualifications will be eligible. In fact, The Skills Development Levies Act provides for the reclaiming of a portion of an organisations skills development levy, based on the organisation’s submission of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), Annual Training Report (ATR), and the submission of the name of a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF). A levy refund, is not in terms of legislation, determined by the use of accredited providers or for that matter only NQF aligned interventions.

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